Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oct. 9th

Life has been a whirlwind, hence the no-post last week. It continues to get crazier, and now that the record convention has come and gone, it's wedding time. That's right, next Thursday I am to be wed. Needless to say, I have very little time right now and although I will still be sharing some records with you (next week I'll have a special wedding edition!), I have no time to research them and write about them, as I usually try to do. Therefor, I hope you can just dig the tunes and when the dust settles, I can pick up on the stories that go with the music.

these are all 45's I picked up at last weekend's record convention...

Jessie Hill -
Oogsey Moo

My Love

Harold Smith -
If I Ever Lose Your Love

Les Cooper & The Soul Rockers -
I Can Do The Soul Jerk


against big brother world government said...

visit this blog. thank you.

Robin said...

love you, love your music, love your sweet family. you're to be wed!!!! whoa!!!!


Brian said...

Man, Bobby Harris has tone for days. I've kept that ballad in steady rotation all weekend.

second line social said...

yeah, i'm with you brian. my two faves out of these are the two b-sides, the jessie hill and the bobby harris. i think i'm entering a ballad phase in general. look out world! another thing for me to obsess over.