Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov. 20th

Eldridge Holmes is one of the most truly unique soul singers (and writers) to ever come out of Louisiana, and more so, out of the 1960s. His career was fairly long and fruitful, especially due to his early connection with producer and legend, Allen Toussaint. Holmes hailed from Violet, Louisiana and starting recording with Toussaint's Alon label in 1962. He continued to make great music throughout the 70s, recording a total of just over 30 sides or so. Although he had a longer career than most, Holmes worked as a bus driver, nursing assistant, asbestos worker and mechanic through his later life, and then passed away in late 1998. I can't say enough about Eldridge Holmes, but all that can be said has been said before. My fellow record bloggers, Larry Grogan at Funky 16 Corners and Dan Phillips at Home Of The Groove have both done very in depth articles on Holmes (in fact, Phillips has done two), and any thing I can say about the fairly elusive Holmes, has been done 10 times better on their sites. Please visit them for more info on Eldridge and recordings of more of his material.

The Sooner You Realize