Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec. 11th

Recently on the forums at, we've been posting mixes for sharing for the holiday season. I highly recommend browsing the mixes (and joining the forum, too!), there is a lot of good stuff to get hipped to. For today's post, I'll share the mix that I put together for the holiday mix share. There's a few old favorites, but mostly its stuff i've gotten recently. Enjoy.

The Comin' Home Mix

gino washington - i'm coming home (wand)
lloyd price - baby please come home (specialty)
billy ward - sixt minute man (king)
the shields - thats the way its gonna be (tender)
lc cook - blue tears (checker)
the delacardos - thing-a-ma-jig (ua)
ivory joe hunter - i got to learn to do the mambo (atlantic)
tippie and the clovers - the bossa nova (tiger)
hank ballard - do it zula style (king)
joe turner - teen age letter (atlantic)
the fabulous playboys - nervous (apollo)
jessie hill - sweet jelly roll (minit)
mac rebennack - the point (afo)
ruth brown - i dont know (atlantic)
bobby bland - shoes (duke)
johnny adams - time and time again (watch)
billy washington - i wanna come in (tcf)
chuck danzy - git down (nu-tone)
bronc-glows - charge (bull city sounds)
gloria gaynor - she'll be sorry (jocida)
grover mitchell - thats a good idea (veejay)
jc davis - monkey (chess)
larry williams - boss lovin (el bam)
the dynamics - misery (big top)
the jewels - gotta find a way (dimension)


W said...

Great songs, but for those of us who've already got half of them, how about doing a zipped up version as well, like Mr. Funky 16 Corners does? Thanks - love the blog.

second line social said...

thanks, i prefer to leave them unzipped so folks can have the option to stream them without having to download them.