Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dec. 18th

This week I'm posting another mix, which I made for some friends to host on their website's jukebox (I'll have a little more on that subject later). I figured I'd give my blog readers first dibs on hearing it, so here you go. There are quite a few records on the mix that I've already blogged about, but rest assured, there is some new & quality stuff, too. Hope you dig. - G

Get Down With It

Bobby Marchan - Get Down With It (Dial)
The Charmettes - One More Time (Marlin)
The Blendtones - Come On Home (Success)
Gino Washington - Puppet On A String (Correc-tone)
Lelan Rogers - Hold It (Lynn)
O.S. Grant - Greyhound (Sarg)
Matt "T.I." Madison & Minit Men - Don't Make Me Cry (Ebony)
Duke Ekud - Please Believe Me (Spec)
The Five Dollars - You Know I Can't Refuse (Fortune)
The Fashions - Try My Love (Ember)
The Parliaments - I'll Wait (Atco)
Royal Masters - Don't Leave Me This Way (Guyden)
The Dorells - Maybe Baby (Atlantic)
The Persians - Teardrops Are Falling (Goldisc)
Curley Moore - Soul Train (Nola)
Eddie Bo - Fence Of Love (Seven-B)
Derek Martin - Daddy Rolling Stone (Crackerjack)
Lee Moses - Reach Out, I'll Be There (Musicor)
Clifford Curry - Ain't No Danger (Elf)
Eldridge Holmes - Humpback (Jet Set)
Hot Tamales - Out Of Sight (Diamond)
The Coasters - Down Home Girl (Date)
Zilla Mayes - All I Want Is You (Tou-Sea)
Smokey Johnson - I Can't Help It (Nola)


cooljerk said...

i really enjoy the music you post...i was wondering why, though i've followed your instructions in an attempt to download some of the songs in this post, i was only able to download the entire mix and not any individual songs...any suggestions?...and thanks for the music, which, along with your lively annotations, i continue to listen to and read...happy holidays, steve

ana-b said...

hey...just wanted you to know i've been watching this blog for awhile.....and i think you're doing great...

love the New Orleans stuff and have been very interested by what you dig up in Texas..

keep up the good that i can comment [i just remembered my google ID], i'll be doing more of it...

thanks for the nice tunes, i love the sound of 45's...


second line social said...

thanks for all the yall. its always good to hear feedback that folks are actually enjoying the time i put into it.

as far as the downloads (cooljerk), this specific post is a mix of a bunch of songs, but they are all grouped in the one file. if you right click on the "get down with it" link, it should let you "save as" to your desktop or specific folder.