Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb. 5th

today... i hurt.

dang red wine. here are some records...

Johnny Otis -
She's All Right

Bo Diddley -
Wrecking My Love Life

The Temptations -

Hum Along And Dance

Gloria Gaynor -

She'll Be Sorry


ana-b said...

strange, i never think of Johnny Otis as having a nice voice...She's All Right is just beautiful...

love the Alpha Zoe...i've never heard of her before, but i'm totally jealous of the name..why didn't my parents think to name me that?..[not that hers did]..

Bo Diddley? the Temptations?..Gloria Gaynor? what can you say?....except thanks for the treats..


W said...

Another great set - thanks! W.

Funky16Corners said...

I always wanted to hear that Gloria Gaynor. It's a Lou Courtney/Dennis Lambert tune.

second line social said...

yeah, i just noticed the songwriting connection when i was recording it. it still trips me out that its gloria gaynor, though!